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Our exclusive mastermind program is tailored for ambitious home service entrepreneurs. At AMP, we believe in the transformative power of shared experiences and collective wisdom. Our program offers a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain access to cutting-edge strategies, and leverage the success of peers who've been where you are, and have achieved the success you want. AMP is your gateway to unprecedented growth, efficiency, and market leadership.

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What is your time worth?

Reclaim 5 to 10 hours of valuable time every week, with our exclusive tool: E-D-DM

​Download the free tool, and invest 30 minutes completing it, to unlock an extra 5 to 10 hours every week.

What’s your time worth? $100 an hour? $500 an hour?
How will you invest the extra 5 hours a week?
Will you spend more time selling and generating fresh profits?

Will you build neglected systems that will create long term value?
Will you spend that time with your family, and enjoy the fruit of your labor and more of the freedom you are working so hard to build?

Download our tool now.

​It will add peace of mind and thousands of dollars of your time each week.

You set your vision.

AMP is designed to help you transform your business from a burden into your greatest asset.

We provide the tools, principles and network to give you clarity and support. You will see your business with fresh eyes, every quarter.

The AMP Pathway is
1) from Operator to Owner &
2) from Owner to Investor.

The AMP How

Is your business running you?

We help you transform your business from a burden to an asset (from a burden to a blessing)

Most business owners start with the dream of freedom, and soon become a slave to their business. We help you achieve escape velocity and become an owner, not an operator.


We provide and train you on our business and thinking tools, honed over years of training and experience.

These tools have helped dozens of business owners (current members) 10x their business / gain freedom from day to day operations / graduate from business operator to business owner.


Our quarterly programs are not another information dump. They are hands on, interactive, and carefully masterminded to help you gain clarity and power.


Being in a room with the right people is transformational. We believe that when you put the right people in the room, then magic happens. Our members become one another’s informal board of advisors / sounding board / circle of trusted counselors.


Entrepreneurs love chasing shiny objects. Yet, we get the best results when we stay focused on timeless, universal principles. These principles become the foundation of everything we teach and workshop together.


This is not a coaching program with a business cheerleader and an accountability partner.

This is not a charismatic guru session where you are bombarded with info, and pumped up so you can buy more stuff, then left to wonder how to implement ideas.

This is a quarterly, in person meeting with like minded, serious business builders.

Men and women with solid businesses that are in growth mode.

All members are committed to growing their top line by 50% or their bottom line by $50,000 or more each year.

AMP members become your tribe of mentors.

When you step into the room, you are surrounded by people that already “get you”

And, they don’t think you are crazy for trying to build your dream business.

​They support you and want you to win.

​To get more information, or apply for membership, click here.

AMP Core Values

  • Be a giver, not a taker
  • Aim for progress over perfection.
  • Choose courage over comfort.
  • Value relationships over short term profits.
  • Think in terms of long term assets vs short term cash flow. Invest as if you will own it for life.
  • Focus on “Who” not “How”

To get more information, or apply for membership, click here.

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